Annual Corporate Compliance Services

To avoid hassle and make sure the company has complied with the prevailing laws during the audit, we provide you all the compliance services that you need. Based on the Indonesian prevailing laws, a company must comply with the regulation in many sectors, including but not limited to investment, company law, and manpower law. We can provide an annual corporate compliance service, as follows:

  1. Annual General Meeting of Shareholders or Board of Directors’ meeting or Board of Commissioner’s meeting (subject to company’s articles of association)
  2. Creating shareholders registry
  3. Creating shares certificate
  4. Registering BPJS Health and BPJS Employment
  5. Manpower Report and Employee’s Facility Report
  6. Foreign Investment Activity Report (LKPM)
  7. Registering the employment agreement to the manpower report
  8. Registering company’s book
  9. etc.