It is a limited liability company (LLC) which has foreign shares. It is registered under Indonesian law. PT PMA is allowed to fully operate in Indonesia, such us generating revenue, hiring staff, buy property in Indonesia in the name of PT PMA company, declaring dividend, and sponsoring foreign worker to get visa and/or work permit.

Requirements to setting up PT PMA:

  1. Decide your business activities in Indonesia
  2. Minimum of 2 shareholders. It can be an individual or a legal entity
  3. Minimum paid up capital is IDR 10 Billion or approximately equal to USD750,000
  4. Minimum one director and one commissioner
  5. Registered office address that must be located in a commercial area
  6. Name of the company which minimum shall consists of 3 words

Procedure and Timeline to setting up a PT PMA:

No Process Estimated Timeline (working day)
1 Deed of Establishment 2
2 Approval from Ministry of Law and Human Rights
3 Tax ID of the Company (NPWP) 1
4 Business Registration Number (NIB) 1
5 Verified Standard Certificate or License subject to the business activities


The total timeline of establishing a company is 3 – 4 working days. In most cases, the NPWP and NIB can be obtained at the same day.

If the risk of the business activities is classified as low risk, the company is duly established by obtaining the documents from No. 1 – 4 as the NIB is a business license. However, if the business is classified as medium to high risk, it will require either (i) verification to the standard certificate or (ii) license which works as the business licenses of the company.