Employer of Record Services Indonesia

Hiring staff without establishing a company in Indonesia

Particle element
Particle element

Employer of the record is the solution for a company who wants to test the market in Indonesia but does not want to spend or invest so much. We will hire your staff to work on behalf of your company and we will take care the employment compliance.


Your company chooses the talent based on your needs.
CPT Corporate and your company to sign a service agreement to binding the employer of the record services
Your company to submit to us the agreed terms and conditions with the talent, such as remuneration, benefit, job description, etc.
We will prepare the employment contract between CPT Corporate and your talent
We will hire the talent and therefore we will collect the necessary documents of the employee and sign the employment contract.
We will manage to transfer the monthly employee’s salary, calculate payroll, register to BPJS (if applicable), pay and submit the taxes, and handle the employment inquiries.
We will advise your company and your employee regarding the Indonesian employment law and compliance.
We will take care of the HR matters.