PT PMA Registration Indonesia

CPT Corporate specializes in helping foreign businesses establish their presence in Indonesia. We simplify registering a PT PMA (foreign-owned company), so you can focus on growing your business. With our expertise and local knowledge, we make the process seamless.


We’ve successfully guided over 100 companies through the PT PMA registration process in Indonesia. Our expertise shines in assisting foreign businesses from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, China, Australia, and the USA in fulfilling their registration.

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Simplifying PMA Registration

Indonesia offers a vibrant and growing market, making it an attractive destination for foreign investment. Registering a PT PMA (foreign-owned company) allows you to fully participate in this dynamic economy.

We provide expert guidance on every step of the process, from understanding the requirements to successfully registering your company. Our services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient registration process.

Setting up a PT PMA involves several key process, including:

  • approval of the company name
  • deed of incorporation
  • approval of the legal entity
  • registration of Tax ID

We’ll guide you through each of these steps, ensuring you understand what’s needed and helping you fulfill each requirement.

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PT PMA Requirements

Minimum Paid-up Capital

IDR 10 billion is mandatory for all PT PMAs. Additionally, a Capital Statement Letter must be signed by the shareholders, affirming they possess the funds to cover the required capital.

PT PMA Structure

It includes Shareholders, a Board of Commissioners, and Directors, with at least one Commissioner and one Director being obligatory. Shareholders can be individuals, corporations, or foundations.

Paving the Way for Your Successful Foreign Investment in Indonesia

Our Services

Explore how our expert services can cater to and fulfill your PT PMA registration requirements

Business Consultation

Initial consultation to understand your business needs and objectives in Indonesia.

Business Activity Analysis

Analyzing your intended business activities to ensure they comply with the Indonesian regulations

Capital Investment Planning

Guiding you through the process of meeting the minimum capital requirements for foreign investment

Company Name Approval

Getting approval for your company name from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Deed of Establishment

Creating the Deed of Establishment, which includes the Articles of Association and other information

Legal Entity Approval

Facilitating the process of obtaining approval of the legal entity from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Tax ID Registration

Registering for a Tax ID Number (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak – NPWP) from the local tax office

Business License Application

Guiding you through the process of obtaining the necessary business licenses for your specific industry

Post-Registration Compliance

Guidance on post-registration obligations, such as tax reporting and business permit renewals
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Why Set Up a PMA

Market Access - Direct access to the Indonesian market, one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia.
Employment Opportunities - Ability to hire foreign employees, flexible in building a diverse and skilled workforce.
Property Ownership - Access to land and buildings, crucial for businesses that require physical infrastructure.
Product Registration - Obtain necessary licenses, enabling the company to legally sell its products or services in Indonesia.
Business Autonomy - Make key decisions and direct the course of your business operations in Indonesia.

Seamless PT PMA Registration in Indonesia

Rely on our specialized PT PMA Registration Services to confidently navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape of Indonesia. Leverage CPT Corporate’s deep understanding of local business laws and investment guidelines to overcome any potential challenges. Connect with us today to discover how we can pave the way for your international business success story.